Episode #103 The Disappearance of Rachel Cyriacks

When I first reached out to Rachel’s mom, Mary, she responded quickly. The way any mother searching for and missing her daughter would. One of Mary’s first replies to my message mentioned Eugene and his family. She insisted I meet with them as well, so I did! Tells me everything I need to know about Mary’s kindness.


Rachel was born 10/31/1983, her mom describes her as always on the go, and a daddy’s girl. I spoke to a few local residents who said Rachel was well liked in her community. Rachel also liked to write poetry.

“There’s so much I can’t say when I look into your eyes

I’m worried you’ll reject me and hurt my foolish pride. 

Each day this love grows stronger, but I could never let you know.

There’s so much behind my smile that I could never show. 

I’d hold you for a lifetime, if you’d let me in.

I’d love you like no other but you don’t understand.” 

~Rachel Cyriacks

Rachel was a wild teenager (same!) and began experimenting with drugs. Things escalated after she met Brad Cyriacks.

From the Facebook page Rachel N Brad Cyriacks

The words written by Rachel were telling of the relationship she had with Brad. Rachel and Brad started dating in 2001 and it wasn’t long before Rachel was pregnant with their first son. Rachel and Brad were married in 2002 and 11 days later their first son was born. 11 months later came son #2 and later a little girl. 

Rachels and Brad’s relationship was tumultuous to put it mildly. Rachel’s mom described a marriage that was marred by several domestic violence incidents and both were in and out of jail during this 12 years.

A later photo of Rachel and Brad Cyriacks from their joint Facebook page

During her last separation from Brad, Rachel was involved with a man named Chris Larson, of Sioux Falls. Chris was about 13 years older than Rachel and he seemed to really care about her. Chris suffered from mental health issues and substance abuse problems. He eventually took his own life on March 23 2016

As we see so often, with women who suffer at the hands of their husbands, Rachel had a difficult time finding the strength to leave Brad for good. Her children were in the care of a family member and Rachel seemed ready to get her kids and life back. Friends described her as a good mom, despite her issues with substance abuse and the violence in her marriage.

In April of 2013 Rachel filed for divorce, but was denied until Brad could be contacted to state his case for or against. Eventually the divorce was granted and with paperwork left to sign. On November 13th, 2013 Rachel picked Brad up from jail after she left her new job at Performance Pet in Mitchell. That was the last time she was seen. 

Friends and family claim she was seen on surveillance video picking Brad up at the jail. I reached out to the SD DCI (Division of Criminal Investigation) and they stated it’s a very open investigation and they declined to comment. It’s pretty typical of law enforcement agencies to decline to comment on active investigations. It’s always disappointing when that happens, but it’s understandable. 

In 2018, SD DCI Agent Tyler Neuharth spoke to a local news station (Dakota News Now) about Rachel’s Disappearance.


He indicates that Brad is the prime suspect in this case.

“Rachel’s husband Brad Cyriacks is what I would consider a prime suspect in this investigation. He has, to this day, has really done nothing to clear his name. The things he does continues to point the finger at him at being responsible for this,” South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigations agent Tyler Neuharth said.

“Sit back and think about, what if their loved one was lost and gone for five years. What would they want someone else to do in their situation? I think the right thing to do is come forward, share that information,” Neuharth said.

After five years, many wonder if they will ever find her body or find closure.

“Genuinely it’s a fear that it’s going to take another five years. I didn’t know Rachel obviously before this happened, so I don’t know her on personal level. But, after getting this involved in an investigation and spending this much time, it almost feels like you know them, and it does become pretty personal for you,” Neuharth said.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else having a reason or motive to harm Rachel. Her current status is missing and presumed dead. So that’s pretty chilling to hear, and I imagine they have sufficient evidence that points to that conclusion. I hope one day Mary can receive the peace she deserves. A mother should never have to know the pain that she and so many others know so well. My heart breaks for them, so I hope some new information may surface if enough people listen. 

There are quite a few different rumors or “theories” that I heard from family, friends and random community members. One is that she was run down by Brad driving her own pickup and then placed in the concrete of a culvert that was under construction. This theory indicates the damage on the undercarriage of her truck was caused by running Rachel over. In this scenario Brad would have had the help of at least 1 friend if not 2. 

Another is that she was killed and Brad took her to a remote area off road and that’s how the truck sustained the underside damage. Possibly an acreage near Woonsocket or Huron. 

The 95 Chevy Pickup that Rachel drove was found in Huron in January of 2014

Of course there’s others (probs Brad and his friends) who say Rachel ran off to start a new life. I say bullshit, and someone knows something about what happened to Rachel! It’s time we bring Rachel home, so if you know something, here’s your chance to do what’s right. Contact Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office at 605-796-4511. If you would rather contact me, message me on our Facebook page, Twitter (@CrimesLittle) or contact me through this website!

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